Affiliated Expert Network

To provide our clients with the best possible expertise, we leverage a network of world-class energy industry professionals both in the US and internationally.


Affiliated Expert Network (AEN) consists of energy industry veterans and experienced consultants, sourced from our professional network.

Our pool of experts, from a wide array of different specializations, allow us to flexibly assemble the best team for every project and to offer our clients a comprehensive range of consulting services from strategy to implementation. AEN members complement existing innogy Consulting resources.

Benefits of our network

We are looking for flexible, independent professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset and deep industry expertise. AEN members connect us with new business opportunities and work on projects with us as Subject Matter Experts.

Membership provides a variety of attractive benefits, along with a competitive reward system for members who either bring projects to innogy Consulting or work on projects with us.

Interested in joining our network?

We are always looking to expand our network of experts. Please fill out the AEN form and we’ll contact you shortly.

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Are you currently bound to any contract that might prevent you from working on projects for, or referring opportunities to innogy Consulting?
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