Strategy & Transformation Planning
Strategy & Transformation Planning

We specialize in strategy and transformation planning across areas including energy digitization, product development, agile innovation, and customer experience, to support you in staying one step ahead of the disruption while maintaining your operational efficiency.

Building from our experience working with grid and infrastructure, retail, and renewable clients, we’ve honed a three-principle approach that applies to all of our strategic product offerings:

  • An industry vantage: Your operating safety and stability are guaranteed as new opportunities are pursued.
  • Practical viability: Expect practically viable solutions—backed by empirical evidence and ready for implementation.
  • Thought partnership: Collaboration is the key ingredient for custom-fitted solutions, tailored to your specific business challenges.

Expertise areas


Master new digital terrain, before your competitors do.

Product Development

Engineer your product portfolio today for profitability tomorrow.

Big Data & Analytics

Put high-value data to work for your bottom line and your operational efficiency.

Agile Innovation

Integrate small “i” innovation seamlessly into your operations.

Will offshore wind take off in the U.S.?

Project details

Power-Up Your Utility: The Innovation Imperative

Project details

Supporting the digital transformation journey of a major infrastructure and mobility organization

Project details

Video: Helping a utility adhere to new regulations

Project details

Mobile workforce management – creating a modern IT solution for mobile technicians

Project details

Returning to sustainability – bringing a business back on track

Project details

Coaching for high performance – enabling project teams to deliver the highest impact

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Enabling customer-oriented growth, improving efficiency and talent attraction

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Visionary consulting, for visionary utilities

We apply our expertise to offer you strategic consulting
tailored to your distinct needs today and tomorrow.

Think innovation that’s ready for a changing energy world
Think innovation that leads
Think innovation that works

Think innogy consulting.