Supporting the digital transformation journey of a major infrastructure and mobility organization

October 2017

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innogy consulting’s LRN LAB is now supporting Deutsche Bahn, one of the biggest transportation organizations in Europe, to develop a capability framework for all leaders and staff. The framework will integrate capability building measures from all three competency fields digitalization, operational excellence and transformation. 

The project is sponsored by the CEO and CHRO of Deutsche Bahn and will impact a total of 300,000 employees worldwide, including 8,000 leaders.

The main task for the Berlin-based LRN LAB will be to develop a competency-concept covering the whole DB Group while aligning with the company’s overall strategy. The primary aim of the project is to upskill the digital and operational excellence capabilities of the whole organization to be able to manage the duality of digital times, such as ambidextrous leadership.

The key to the success of this project will lie in the content expertise of Digital Transformation, Systemic Change and Operational Excellence specialists within the team. In addition, the team will draw on the experience from the change journey from RWE to Innogy, providing a unique offering within the consulting market.

To learn more about how innogy consulting can help you embed digital in your business, watch the short video below:

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